Construction materials prices in Pakistan updated prices 2024:

Construction materials prices in Pakistan updated 2024

if you are going to construct a new home or any other structure you need to know the latest construction materials rates in Pakistan 2024. Let’s through the captivating world of construction substances and their prices in Pakistan. Whether planning a renovation, remodelling or constructing a new property, understanding the costs of various building materials is pivotal.
In this blog post, we will discuss the construction material prices in Pakistan today and list any dissimilarities you can use during construction.


Cement is the backbone in the construction Services of the project. it serves as a binding agent for other materials. The recent depreciation of the Pakistan rupee against the dollar has led to an increase in raw Materials costs. As a builder, it’s essential to factor in cement prices when estimating your project expenses.

There Many types of cement are available in the market.
Natural cement 1,200 per 50kg bag
Blast furnace cement 1290.00 per bag
Portland cement 1,275_1,285 per 50kg bag
Quick setting cement 1,250_1,260 50kg per bag
Colored cement 1,275_1,260 50kg per bag
Rapid hardening cement 1250_1,260 50kg per bag
SULPHATE cement same
White Portland cement the same
FAUJI cement 1,245_1,255 50 kg per bag

Sand and crush (bajri):

Sand plays a crucial role in laying strong funds for buildings it’s used in mortar and making in concentrate.
The best sand in Pakistan comes from upper Punjab in the Ravi and Chenab regions.
The latest sand price in Pakistan is PKR 58 per cubic foot.
Crush per cubic feet: PKR 50 to 80
Crushed stone is used for foundation and road construction.


Steel is commonly used for pillars, beams, and roof construction. and also steel reinforcement bars provide structural strength, their cost fluctuates due to market dynamics consider the quality needed for your project.
It provides structural strength and durability.
Rebar new PKR 150,000 per tonne
Rebar old PKR 90,000 per tonne


The standard price of bricks in Pakistan is 10,000 per 1,000 bricks.

Windows and tiles:

Choose wisely for energy efficiency and aesthetics.
Tiles (per square meter) PKR 900 to 2,000
Doors (plywood, per square feet) PKR 350 to 750
Aluminium windows (PKR 1100 to 1450 per square feet)
Steel in iron bar (240 to 265 per kg)
Marble (80 to 120 per square feet)

Marble and iron Chokhat:

Marble (per square feet) PKR 40 to 100
Iron chokhat for doors (per square feet with labor) PKR 300 to 520

Construction materials prices in Pakistan updated prices 2024:

Other Materials:

Gravel trolley: PKR 5,000
Sand trolley PKR 3,000
Sand Suzuki PKR 1,500
Concentrate price in Pakistan:
The concentrate is a mixture of water, gravel, cement, and limestone. Due to its longevity and formidability, it is amongst the most popular materials used across Pakistan. However, due to their low tensility, iron and steel rods create a reinforced structure.
The different types of concrete used for laying the structuring and foundation of the building are as follows:

  • Plain cement concrete
  • Reinforced cement concrete
  • Restressed concrete
  • Fibre-reinforced concrete
  • Brick-reinforced concrete
  • Lime concrete
  • Cement Concrete

Construction Labour Rate in Pakistan:

After you have calculated the material cost now It’s time to calculate the labour rate is RS 280 to 390 per square foot of covered area. Also, the rate depends on the construction area and design


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